Start a New Chapter

Do you want to connect with other energy professionals in your area?  Are you looking for local educational and leadership offerings that help you advance in your career?  Would you like to build your leadership skills while volunteering with like-minded individuals?  WEN professional chapters provide you with all these opportunities and much more, so consider starting a chapter in your area. Developing a professional chapter in your area can be a professionally and socially rewarding experience. It just takes an enthusiastic and dedicated volunteer leader to begin the process.

Application & Submission

To begin the process, please complete the application materials below and submit to the WEN President-Elect. The chapter application consists of the following documents:
  1. Chapter Request For Information
  2. Chapter roster, including potential chapter board members and standard members
  3. Listing of energy companies in your region
  4. Regional demographics

Review and Approval Process
Your application materials will be reviewed and you will be notified whether your group meets the requirements for a chapter or if any revisions are needed. The President-Elect will then present your chapter application materials to the national Board of Directors for approval. Once the chapter is formally approved, WEN will provide welcome materials to help you establish your group in the local area.

Guidance for New Chapters
Upon approval, newly chartered chapters receive New Chapter Welcome Materials:
  1. Welcome package
  2. Chapter Handbook
  3. Official approval letter
  4. Official WEN chapter logo file
Read the chapter leader handbook thoroughly. It provides guidance on how to select your board of directors, conduct elections, promote the chapter and set up programs and projects.  Share the handbook with your chapter officers and directors. Always keep a copy handy, and keep your handbook up-to-date by filing inserts or changes distributed by the national office.

Once you have organized a board of directors and established basic setup elements, you will provide the national office with
  1. Your chapter address, telephone number, and account number of the financial institution at which your funds will be deposited
  2. A list of your directors and committee chairs, including names, addresses, and telephone numbers
  3. A copy of your bylaws
Note that WEN membership is required of all members involved with professional chapters.