Our Organization

The vision of the Women’s Energy Network (WEN) is to be the premier organization that educates, attracts, retains, and develops women working across the value chain. WEN’s mission is to provide networking opportunities and foster career and leadership development of those who work in the energy industries.

To satisfy the networking and career development needs of our more than 4,000 members, WEN has chapters in the following areas: Greater Albany, Greater Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Colorado, Houston, South Louisiana, Mexico, Greater New York City, Ohio, Greater Oklahoma, Permian Basin, Greater Philadelphia, Greater Pittsburgh, Susquehanna Valley (PA), North Texas, South Texas, Utah, Washington D.C., and West Virginia.

About WEN

The Women’s Energy Network is a global, nonprofit organization of professionals who work across the energy value chain. Our mission is to develop programs to provide networking opportunities and foster career and leadership development of women who work in the energy industries.

WEN was founded in 1994 by Karyl White with the purpose of fostering the development and advancement of women in energy by developing a strong network. After years of being the sole woman on energy transactions, Karyl believed that many women energy professionals were in the same position, but unable to connect with each other. More than 20 years later, WEN remains committed to providing high caliber events and networking to its diverse membership from across the energy value chain.

In addition to chapter and national networking events and learning opportunities, WEN offers growth opportunities to its members through participation on chapter and national Boards of Directors and through special programs. WEN is based on the model of the premier Texas women’s leadership development program, Leadership Texas, which focuses on networking, education, and community. WEN is very active in the community and provides its members a variety of opportunities to give back to others through volunteering and charity oriented events.