National President's Blog

The National Board has several themes woven throughout our goals for 2019 to maximize the organization’s value to its members. First, WEN National is committed to diversity. We must continue our strong representation of women of color in our membership and leadership. In addition, WEN membership must be diverse in the various aspects of the industry—from oil, gas, coal, and alternative forms energy to power generation, petrochemicals, and other downstream uses of energy production.  Finally, we must be geographically diverse. So, look for more planned chapter growth both nationally and internationally. ErinMagee

The National organization is also committed to become more strategic and transparent. Watch for this newsletter monthly to highlight what is happening at the national level of WEN and for expanded editions of the quarterly Empower e-magazine to include more chapter content. Furthermore, WEN National is forming a governance task force to review our by-laws and other governance policies and guidance to ensure that we are providing the best leadership and resources to our chapters and members. 

Because WEN is all about you—our members. We want to hear from you about your needs and how WEN can better help you grow your careers and networks. For starters, we hope you can join us for the National Conference in March in Denver to share knowledge and ideas and to Be Energized, Be Bold, and Be You!

Finally, thank you for your continued support of WEN. I look forward to serving you and WEN this year. 

Erin Magee
Jackson Kelly PLLC
WEN National President