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I Am NOT Your Superwoman! Solving Superwoman Syndrome and Stepping into Your Power as a Female


Let's debunk the myth of having to be "Superwoman" and replace it with everyday self care for the modern gal. Long gone are the days of needing to self sacrifice to perform well for others. This talk isn't about massages or having a glass of wine at the end of the day... it's about how you can take back your power to live a life most authentic to you, and enjoy doing it! Participants will learn strategies and techniques to set appropriate boundaries, tune in and make aligned decisions, and define their own version of a *Super* Woman.

I Am NOT Your Superwoman! was originally developed for a group of women working in a male populated industry who approached Michelle about needing additional support before completely burning out. How come men assume women will do *all the things*…and how can we, as women, stop that to better support our own goals and happiness? A discussion rooted in frustration formed this talk into a discussion where we can zero in on only what (and who) we can truly control: ourselves. So many women are balancing so much these days, and the goals they’ve dreamed of accomplishing seem to get lost in the sea of responsibilities and exhaustion. This talk is about how we can reset our intentions and create boundaries that allow us to live a life that fulfills us, no matter what roles we take on at work and home.

About our Speaker:

Michelle Gbur is a Certified Trauma Support Specialist, where she guides high achievers to stop letting pain from the past affect their present, so they can create their best (and wildly joyful!) future. Rooted in intentionality, aligned action, and whole body wellness, Michelle works with both corporate clients and individuals to improve wellbeing and happiness in measurable ways. She is a professional speaker, author, workshop facilitator, and hangs out over on, where she teaches self-growth, intentional leadership, and mental wellness + resilience by supporting the nervous system. She has a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering but prefers problem-solving alongside humans and not machines.


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6/23/2022 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Eastern Daylight Time
Scoglio's Greentree 661 Anderson Drive #100 Pittsburgh, PA 15220 UNITED STATES
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